Scientific Poster Templates

I got asked for the design of my academic posters. Indeed I have templates in landscape and portrait and I’m happy to share them. In addition I can recommend the blog better-posters which has regularily features and link-roundups on poster-design related things.

In my newest poster (landscape below) I tried to move as much text to the side, so that people can still understand the poster, but it does not obscure the content. I also really like the 15s summary, an easy way to see whether you will like the poster, or you can simply move on. Maybe it even needs to be a 5s summary!

These are two examples posters based on my template.

Neat Features

Titles’ backgrounds follow along
Title background follows along
This is useful because you do not manually need to resize the white background of the text that overlays on the borders

Borders are effects, easy resizing
round corner resizing
The corners are based on illustrator effects, thus resizing the containers does not change the curvature. Before I often had very strange curvatures in my boxes. No more!


Download here

Portrait Equal Columns (ai-template, 0.3mb)

Portrait Unequal Columns (ai-template, 0.3mb)

Landscape (ai-template, 0.4mb)

Licence is CC-4.0, you can aknowledge me if you want, but no need if you don’t 🙂

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  1. Anne · 14. May 2018 Reply

    Thanks for sharing these! The resizable text box and title backgrounds are super useful. One trick that may be useful: I initially did not see the option of resizing the text box, which for some reason was caused by the ‘bounding box’ being invisible. View/Show Bounding Box or command-shift-B (on Mac) did the trick.

  2. Jonah · 30. May 2023 Reply

    I am unable to download this. Could you kindly share the Landscape (ai-template, 0.4mb) and Portrait Equal Columns (ai-template, 0.3mb) with me?

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