My name is Benedikt Ehinger. I’m a PostDoc at the Predictive Brain Lab at the Donders Institute, Nijmegen

Send me a message: science@benediktehinger.de

My studies and interests involve cognitive psychology, visual perception, categorization and cortocortical interactions. I am working with: M/EEG, Bayesian statistics, eye tracking and starting out with layer fMRI!


2018: Doktor rer. nat. / PhD Cognitive Science .
PhD Thesis Predictions, Decisions and Learning in the visual sense

2013: Master of Science in Cognitive Science.
Masterthesis „Filling in Blind-Spots: A psychophysical and an EEG study.“

2012: Research-Project: Mobile EEG: Comparing Real Environments with Laboratory Settings

2011: Bachelor of Science in Cogntive Science
Bachelorthesis: „Electrophysiological Correlates of Category Learning

2010: Abroad at Norwegian University of Technology, Trondheim.


All publications are open access, except one where I linked the pdf

2018 Ehinger BV, Dimigen O:”Unfold: An integrated toolbox for overlap correction, non-linear modeling, and
regression-based EEG analysis”, bioRxiv

2018 Ehinger BV, Kaufhold, Lilli, König P:”Probing the temporal dynamics of the exploration-exploitation
dilemma of eye movements”, Journal of Vision

2017 Ehinger BV, , Häusser K, Ossandón JP, König P: “Humans treat unreliable filled-in percepts as more real
than veridical ones“, eLife

2016 König P, Wilming N, Kietzmann TC, Ossandón JP, Onat S, Ehinger BV, Gameiro RR, Kaspar K: “Eye movements
as a window to cognitive processes”, Journal of Eye Movement Research

2016 Ehinger BV, Eickelbeck D, Spoida K, Herlitze S, König P: ”Understanding melanopsin using Bayesian generative
models− an Introduction”, bioRxiv

2016 Spoida K , Eickelbeck D, Karapinar R, Eckardt T, Jancke D, Ehinger BV, König P, Dalkara D, Herlitze S, Masseck OA:
Melanopsin variants as intrinsic optogenetic on and off switches for transient versus sustained activation
of G protein pathways” Current Biology

2016 Kietzmann TC, Ehinger BV, Porada D, König P: “Extensive training leads to temporal and spatial shifts of cortical
activity underlying visual category selectivity”, Neuroimage

Ehinger BV, König P, Ossandon J (2015) , “Predictions of Visual Content across Eye Movements and Their Modulation by Inferred Information”. Journal of Neuroscience

Ehinger BV*, Fischer P*, Gert AL, Kaufhold L, Weber F, Gordon P, König P (2014) “Kinesthetic And Vestibular Information Modulate Alpha Activity During Spatial Navigation: A Mobile EEG Study”, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience


2018 Statistical rethinking
2018 Applied Generalized Linear Mixed Models
2017 Generalized Linear Mixed Models
2017 (Workshop) Combined EEG/Eyetracking at the European Conference for Eye Movements
2016 Bayesian Data Analysis
2015 Advanced Methods for M/EEG Data Analysis

2012&2013 Basic and Advanced MatLab Exercises in Data Analysis