Visualization of deconvolution with pluto.jl

I just started dabbling with Pluto.jl and very quickly it allows to give very insightful notebooks.

For example, take this signal:

X in samples, y in “┬ÁV”, blue = 1 EEG channel, orange= event onsets

Clearly, the simulated event-responses (the event-related potentials) overlap in time (e.g. at ~sample 350). We could do a “naive” regression on all timepoints relative to the event-onset, ignoring any overlap – or we could use linear deconvolution aka. overlap-correction to correct for the overlap (as the name says ;).

What follows is the beauty of Pluto.jl – simple reactive/interactive notebooks. As shown in the following gif, it is very easy to show the dependency of deconvolution-success on window-size and noise:

Mass Univariate analysis on the left, deconvolution on the right

Looks pretty robust for this simulation! Cool!

If you want to try for yourself: here is the notebook and here the link to the Unfold.jl toolbox

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