Thesis Art: Lisa-Marie Vortmann

I was a supervisor for Lisa-Marie Vortmanns’s Master’s Thesis.

In her project, we tried to decode from brain activity* which objects on a screen a subject is currently tracking with their mind. To do this, we “tagged” the to-be-tracked objects and distractor with different frequencies, so that we can trace them in the EEG. What you see here is the SSVEP response over time for three trials per row. At the beginning and end, the response is small because the object was not tracked, only in the middle part one can see that the response is much larger, the object was tracked. The plot is “written” by the first 10.000 letters of Lisa’s Thesis.


The idea of “thesis art” is to inspire discussion with persons who do not have an academic background or work in a different field. The thesis is hidden in the drawer, but the poster is out there at the wall for everyone to see. You can find all past thesis art pieces here


* This is actually Lisa’s own brain activity

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