Jiameng Wu: The influence of Saliency on the Initation of Saccades in a Guided Viewing Paradigm with Bubble-Stimuli

One of my bachelor’s students (Jiameng Wu) finished her thesis on parts of this project. I again tried to make art out of science.


In this piece I used three of her features on different scales and calculated them for each page of her thesis. I then recombined and arranged them. In eye-tracking these image features are commonly used to analyse where people look (high contrast regions and the like). In this case we find surpringly emerging global structures (I mean the guy with a tophat in row 2 or the cat in row 3) .

The idea is to inspire discussion with persons who do not have an academic background or work in a different field. The thesis is hidden in the drawer, but the poster is out there at the wall for everyone to see.
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