EEG recording chamber

I recently asked on twitter whether people can recommend recording chambers to seat the subject in psychological experiments. I had a tough time googling it, terms that could be helpful in case you are in search for the same thing: Testing chamber, subject booth, audiology.

I got a lot of answers and for the sake of “google-ability” will summarize them here:

  • Steve Luck recommends a separated chamber, but highlights importance of air-conditioning due to sweating artefacts
  • Aina Puce recommends no chamber, but to sit 2-3m behind the subject and use white noise generators

Regarding actual chambers several commercial vendors were thrown in the ring:

  • Studiobricks*
  • Whisper Rooms*
  • Desone
  • Eckel
  • IAC Acoustics

* no Farraday cage directly available as far as I know. But check this tweet for a custom solution

I haven’t asked all vendors for a price estimate, but as far as I can tell, with climate control & lighting a ~4m² room costs around 8.000€ – 12.000€ without a Farraday Cage. With a cage I would guesstimate +10.00-15.000€ but I actually don’t really know.

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  1. Yun DIng · 15. February 2022 Reply

    We built a “cage” many years ago when I was a master’s student in Hangzhou. We built the thing with some aluminium plates. Eventually, it works to some extent as a cell phone signal will be worse when you put it inside the cage. Honestly, I would say that was not a decent cage to visibly improve EEG signal anyway. But it was quite fun! I guess you need to spend a lot (for both money and time) to build a GOOD enough cage.

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