Predictive Coding in the Blind Spot

Predictive Coding in the Blind Spot

Project Done
We investigate the blind spot in an online gaze-dependent eyetracking / EEG paradigm. We recently published our findings in the Journal of Neuroscience. We also gave a talk at the Vision Science Society. We had posters at the Statistical Challenges Conference in Warwick, the Donders-Discussions in Nijmegen and the Brain-Conference in Kopenhagen in May. We further had great Posters at the ECEM in Vienna and the MMN conference in Leipzig. I love to discuss our work on the blind spot and the resulting prediction errors and implications for predictive coding with you!

Benedikt V. Ehinger¹, Peter König¹², Josè Ossandon¹


¹ Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrück
² Institut für Neurophysiologie und Pathophysiologie, UKE Hamburg


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